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    Hi there,

    I’m actually thinking of some improvements:

    1. Improving the profile.

      Would be nice to have some kind of a statistics page.

      It could contain something like

      • actual session: locked / not locked
      • actual keyholder (if locked and has a holder)
      • [total, completed, aborted] sessions
      • [shortest, longest, average] session
      • maybe even some kind of rating system (good/bad chaste or good/bad holder) (on a scale 1..10 with 1 equals very bad and 10 equals excellent)
    2. Hygiene opening

      Some chastity belts or cages requires to be removed sometimes to clean the belt/cage and even yourself

      Some thoughts:

      • One can define if he/she needs a hygiene opening and even the time allowed for cleaning at session start. (Can maybe changed by a holder, but not while unlocked)
      • The chaste has to do a verification on hygiene opening start time, that shows he is still locked up. (Time for hygiene opening starts)
      • After cleaning the chaste makes a new verification (The whole startup verification, but time stops with post of the combination photo, if its a combination session. As the peer reviews take some time the time of the hygiene opening could get exceeded without the chastes fault) and the session continues.
    3. Do not disturb times based on weekday

      Most people are having different times they are available on workdays than on weekend
      Maybe there could be a dnd time for each weekday separately.

    What do you think?

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